Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Branding, Development, Strategy

In my experience, the main killers of a brand are swaying from the brand ethos and not evolving when and where needed. I can show clients which areas should be concrete and which ones are best positioned for change. I can execute the necessary changes needed for brand evolution in a way that is congruent to the brand culture and attractive to the client's target market.

My process includes:

Thoroughly researching the client’s brand and all market competitors.

Reviewing and assessing where the client's brand stands in relation to today’s market.

Inquiring about where the client sees opportunities for improvement (branding, strategy, product, investment, etc.).

Assisting the client in finding the right marketing team that can move the brand from ideation to execution.

There is a place for larger marketing firms, but I have seen companies waste millions of dollars hiring the larger marketing firms that were just wrong for their brand. The results are devastating financially and brand damaging. I have a network of some of the best creative talents in the world and I find the right people for the job, direct them with the brand vision, and keep them accountable to the brand mission. My methods will save you money and will give you more creative and authentic assets.

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