Lee Watson. An American product and brand designer; born and raised in the Southeastern United States. His love for design and manufacturing began when he was in elementary school. After school Lee would go to his family's furniture factory and spend time with the furniture makers and employees. They called Lee Lil' Stevie after his dad and his meticulous character. Having an early exposure to well made American goods created a deep desire for quality design and manufacturing, as well as the innately southern characteristic of working with people from the heart. Lee's creative work has developed into a successful career working with many worldwide brands. Lee stands out with his determination to rejuvenate product lines and brand image in order to bring out the most authentic and appealing version of that brand.


art direction

Creates compelling creative solutions for all creative brand initiatives based on the brand positioning.

Including the creation and execution of, branding, seasonal stories, internal presentations, engagement programs and directional store documents.

Applies current trends in culture, design, advertising, fashion, social media, digital, entertainment, etc. to the brand in ways that keep the brand relevant.


Remains current on industry trends and technology. Creates a seasonal product story and develops ongoing, multi-season campaigns.

Displays strong aesthetic, great sense of design and color, and an established understanding of the product development process.

Oversees selection of all materials and construction of the product. Works to resolve potential manufacturing and costing issues prior to development of style to ensure quality execution.

Brand development

Translates strategic and conceptual direction into working creative assets across all mediums including; product packaging, ecommerce, POS/retail environment, merchandising, social media, print and digital advertising, and consumer engagement environments.

Oversees studio to iterate approved concepts. Assists with photo shoots, both location and table top, including prep, styling, and editing.

Brand Portfolio

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